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Ceiling caves in, Fargo ND

When a water damage happens, it is not always like you see in movies like "Money Pit." It is not always a huge gush and blast of water, it can be a small pinhol... READ MORE

Contents Damage in Oxbrow, ND

Property damage can be caused by many different things, water from a pipe break, sewage from a toilet overflow, storm from a blizzard or tornado, or fire from f... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in Fargo

When fire damage strikes the damage can be extensive and require more remediation than just drying. This office's front lobby and waiting area suffered from a f... READ MORE

Smoke and Soot Damage in Fargo

When electrical fires cause smoke and soot damage in your home, or even when a cooking fire causes damage in your home, there is a lot of cleanup and restoratio... READ MORE

Just a little water can cause a big problem in your Fargo home

When a fire happens, that is all we think about, the fire damage. But there is also secondary damage from the water used to fight the fire. When water damage ha... READ MORE

Fire damage in Fargo

Though fires can feel rare in the Fargo area they do occasionally happen. Fire and water damage can wreak havoc, destruction, and damage to your home and proper... READ MORE

Property Loss In Condo Building in Fargo

Property losses can happen in all types of buildings, residential homes, commercial properties, condo buildings, and multi-unit dwellings. Each property has its... READ MORE

Water Damage in Commercial Fargo Building

Property damage can happen due to many reasons, such as a pipe break, appliance failure, or even a pinhole leak in a pipe that goes unnoticed. Or an electrical ... READ MORE