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SERVPRO of Fargo Recommends Keeping the Gutters Clear to Avoid Water Damage

Gutters and Gargoyles and Grotesques

Oh my.

At SERVPRO® of Fargo, we are tireless in our pursuit of information that may help local people keep properties clean and undamaged. That pursuit sometimes to lead to information that is almost – but not quite – pure trivia.

For example, we learned that those usually big-eared, monstrous-looking creatures are “gargoyles” only when they serve as the endpoints of water redirection systems (a/k/a “gutters”). When these figures are not waterspouts and are purely decorative, they are supposed to be called “grotesques.”


We’re all still calling them “gargoyles.”

Gutters are Functional

Gutters direct water away from the roof, from running down the exterior walls, and away from the foundation.

When leaves, bird nests, kites, and other materials clog the gutters, water (from rain or snow) soaks into the materials rather than pouring safely away from the walls and foundation. The materials clog further and became heavier, which means the gutter collects more water and eventually becomes too heavy for the brackets. Whether the brackets cause roof damage when they tear away is a matter of chance and how they were built. Regardless, gutters that hang off roofs are no good to anyone, so must be replaced.

At SERVPRO of Fargo, we have remediated water damage to entire structures and to key components: roofs, foundations, basements, floors, … any part of the building.

As franchise professionals, we have training and experience in extracting excess water, removing water damage and its consequences, and in restoration.

When There is Water Damage in Fargo, Call Us

Our phone number is 701-232-2455.

Emergency service is always available. “Always” doesn’t mean “except for holidays” or “only during working hours.” It means “all day, every day.”

We promise to:

  • Remove excess water and hidden moisture
  • Whenever possible, repair the roof, flooring, other materials
  • Check air ducts and the entire HVAC
  • Look for possible damage to electrical wiring (we are not electricians, but will find whether water has soaked into any wiring)
  • Look for mold damage and mitigate that damage
  • Clean and disinfect all surfaces in accordance with guidelines from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Gargoyles in the United States

The National Cathedral in Washington D.C. has gargoyles (or grotesques) made by contemporary artists

Figures include a donor’s grandsons, Darth Vader, and a generic crooked politician.

North Dakota is no stranger to fanciful art, but we have a wish list of North Dakotans we’d love to see immortalized as gargoyles.

Astronauts: James A. Abrahamson and James Buchli

Athletes: Mark Landsberger and Roger Maris

Authors: Louis L’Amour and Roxana Saberi

We’ll get out of the “A”s another time.

SERVPRO of Fargo is Here to Help®